"Hi Jeff, thank you for all your hard work during your contract with Astech. We really appreciate the positive experience you have provided our client in working with Recann."

— Jonathan fister - Recann recruitment


"Jeff is not only a great C#/.NET specialist, but he is also a great guy who I see more as a friend rather than a business partner. He has a real eye for the latest technologies and is always trying to better himself and keep on top of the ever changing world of .NET.

He is definitely somebody who I'd recommend for his work, feedback has always been positive. Look forward to building upon this relationship for the long term!"

— Kenan acar - Founder & Director - PureTech Talent 


"Jeff is a highly skilled, cross disciplined software developer with a helpful attitude and ability to articulate complex solutions to his peers. It was a pleasure working alongside him and I would welcome the opportunity to do so again in the future."

— Chris Nevin - tigerspike